The power of RLM Mekaniska AB lies in our extensive technological expertise and the dedicated and well documented capacity of our employees. RLM Mekaniska AB’s experience with producing advanced and specialized solutions, fixtures, tools and tool parts makes us the complete supplier of products and services for many different types of manufacturing industries.

Our Services

Wide Capacity

We deal with all types of mechanical work, anything from isolated details and small series to full scale production equipment’s. The width in our assignments is also our greatest strength.


We can adjust pre-engineered products and details upon your request. We can also carry the whole process – from concept to design, manufacturing, assembly and installation. Our workshop is equipped for milling, lathing, five-axis machining, Wire EDM, cutting, welding and installation.


RLM Mekaniska AB is a quality and environmentally certified company according to ISO 9001/14001 and has an AAA rating in the Soliditet credit rating system. We have chosen to summarize our approach and the commitment to our customers with the motto ”Efficient Technology”.

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